Decelerator 4030

Upcoming product

Ever felt that your high end Amiga 3000/4000, equipped with 68040 or 68060 is way too fast? WHDload not working properly? Had to use NOCACHE with every game? Weird slowdowns due to terrible Chip RAM access performance? We have a cure for that. Enter Decelerator 4030. Slowest CPU card since Commodore A3630.

This is primarily a research project. Our goal is to understand and document how to interface with A3000/A4000 local bus slot. At the same time, we want to design a card that will be stable as rock and packed with unique features. There will surely be a small production batch of these cards. We will open preorders as soon as we have completed and tested the prototypes.

Decelerator 4030 is being designed by Jarosław Bieliński and Radosław Kujawa. The same people who made Sakura PCMCIA SRAM happen.

This expansion card will have the following features:

  • Motorola 68030 CPU (refurbished).
  • 8MB or 16MB of Fast RAM.
  • SD card interface.
  • Complete sensors suite for monitoring and control of voltage, temperature, and fan.
  • Compatible with both A4000 and A3000 (with INT2 modification).
  • Open source design.
  • RoHS compliant (with the exception of CPU), low power, environmentally friendly.
  • Made by Amigans for Amigans who want to chill out.

Please note that above specifications might change. Stay tuned for updates.