Upcoming product

Easy to use external HDMI scandoubler for all classic Amigas with RGB port! Designed by StaringLizard.

AMIV has the following features:

  • Supports PAL Lo-Res and Hi-Res display modes.
  • Interlaced modes support (with flicker fixing).
  • HDMI 720p output signal.
  • Also compatible with DVI monitors through a simple adapter (the monitor needs to support 720p).
  • Built using modern technology - state of the art video ADC, SRAM, FPGA and HDMI transmitter and ARM microcontroller.
  • 6 fine tuning buttons.
  • Firmware upgradable through USB port.
  • Open source design.
  • RoHS compliant and environmentally friendly.
  • High quality enclosure.
  • Made by Amigans for Amigans!

AMIV is in the prototype stage. Stay tuned for updates.