Welcome to the Sakura web site

We are a small company located in Poland, specialising in hardware and software development for retro computer systems. This web site was launched to provide information about our current and upcoming products.

Year 2014 brought our first retro product - Sakura PCMCIA SRAM, a Fast RAM expansion for Amiga 600/1200 computers. The project was a success beoynd our initial expectations. After successfully completing it, we started more ambitious projects of CPU card for big box Amigas and external floppy drive.

Even if our products are targetting retro computers, we belive that they should be built using most modern technologies available (high performance, low power, envorimentally friendly components, lead free solder, etc.).

To support innovation within the retro community, we provide schematics, board layout files and CPLD cores of our products under open source licenses. This means that anyone can build the product themselves! Although, that would probably be more expensive than just buying it from us.

All Sakura retro products are sold only through our exclusive dealer - RetroAmi.